A Guide to Sailing in the Ionian Sea

A Guide to Sailing in the Ionian Sea

Find out why the Ionian Sea in Greece is one of the most spectacular places in the world to go sailing! Image source Imagine traveling in a blue sea of calm waters and cool winds on the Western Coast of Greece. The waters lead to a paradise of islands with white sandy...

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27 Best Babymoon Destinations in Europe (2024)

27 Best Babymoon Destinations in Europe (2024)

If you're planning a European babymoon, get inspired with 27 of the best babymoon destinations in Mediterranean Europe for 2024! Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I make a small commission at no extra cost to you if you kindly choose to book...

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Saronic Islands in Greece: What it’s Like Sailing

Saronic Islands in Greece: What it’s Like Sailing

If you are anything like me and struggle to relax when on holiday, a week sailing through the Saronic Islands in Greece might just be the elixir you need. Between lackadaisical days spent basking in the Mediterranean sun, sparkling turquoise waters, copious amounts of...

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If countries were to be ranked by their postcard-worthiness, Greece undoubtedly ranks near the top. It’s almost unfair that Greece is home to both the most awe-inspired islands and the most awe-inspiring archaeological sites in the world.

I have been lucky enough to visit Greece a handful of times and can confirm that walking around the country does in fact feel like walking through a postcard.

From the whitewashed streets of Mykonos popping with accents of magenta and cyan, the epic sight of the sun setting over the iconic cliffside of Santorini’s Oia to the grandeur of the Acropolis, Athen’s epic centrepiece, it’s hard to believe such sights exist until witnessing them with your own eyes.

Quick Facts about Greece

  • Capital City: Athens
  • Language: Greek
  • Currency: Euro (€)
  • Climate: Mediterranean
  • Best Time to Visit: May to September

Fun fact: Greece may be known for its idyllic islands, but 80% of the country’s surface 

Overview of German Cuisine

  • Culinary influences: Middle Eastern, Balkan, Italian
  • Common ingredients: Vegetables, fruits, olive oil, legumes, yogurt and fish
  • National dish of Germany: Moussaka

Greek Cuisine

Putting paradisical islands and rich ancient history aside for a moment, Greece is also home to some seriously delicious food. I have fond memories of spending hours at little tavernas feasting on Mediterranean spreads. I have equally fond memories of picking up a cheeky gyros and ravenously consuming it on a street corner.

Greek food is not only delicious, it’s supposedly meant to be one of the world’s healthiest diets. Cheeky gyros aside, the cuisine is focused on lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, olive oil, legumes, yogurt and fish, foods that are all packed with nutritional benefits.

History of Greek Cuisine

Ancient Greek cuisine was founded on the “Mediterranean triad”, namely wheat, olive oil and wine. It is one of the most influential cuisines, spreading first to Ancient Rome and then throughout Europe. Greek cuisine is traditionally one of the world’s most vegetarian-friendly cuisines. This is because meat has never played a big role in the cuisine. Fish is the most common source of animal protein, although more meat has been introduced in recent times. The most common grain in Greece in wheat, and most common vegetables include tomato, eggplant, potato and peppers. Herbs and spices are used liberally in the cuisine, namely oregano, mint, dill and thyme.

Popular Greek Dishes to Try:

  • Spanakopita– A filo pastry pie filled with cheese and spinach
  • Greek salad– One of the most iconic salads in the world, consisting of tomato, cucumber, feta and olives.
  • Tzatziki– Dip made of yogurt, cucumber and garlic
  • Dolmada– Vine leaves stuffed with rice
  • Kolokythoanthoi– Fried zucchini flowers stuffed with rice and herbs
  • Pita– Typical flatbread served with most meals
  • Yemista– Various vegetables stuffed with rice and various herbs


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