Vegetarian Aushak Recipe: Afghan Dumplings

Vegetarian Aushak Recipe: Afghan Dumplings

This vegetarian Aushak (ashak) recipe features Afghan dumplings that are filled with sauteed leeks & spring onions then topped with garlic yogurt sauce and a hearty vegan lentil walnut mince! If you are new around here, first of all, welcome! Thanks so much for...

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Afghanistan is a landlocked country in Southern Asia that is both mountainous and very arid. Due to its position along important trade routes, it has been witness to many military campaigns throughout its history. Sadly, due to this ongoing civil unrest, the country is not safe for visiting tourists. 

Quick Facts about Afghanistan

  • Capital City: Kabul
  • Language: Pashto and Dari
  • Currency: Afghanis (AFN)
  • Climate: Dry continental climate
  • Best Time to Visit: April-May or September-October
  • Fun fact:The national game of Afghanistan is buzkashi, a game where two teams have to try catch a goat while riding a horse.

Overview of Afghan Cuisine

  • Culinary influences: Persia, India, Mongolia
  • Common ingredients:  Rice, yogurt, pomegranate, lamb, wheat
  • National dish of Afghanistan: Kabuli Pulao, a spiced rice dish

Vegetarian Aushak Recipe | Afghan Dumplings

Top Afghan Recipes to Try

  • Kadoo– Sauteed pumpkin with tomato sauce and garlic yogurt
  • Borani Banjan– Grilled eggplant with tomato sauce and garlic yogurt
  • Aushak– Afghan dumplings stuffed with leeks or chives topped with tomato sauce and garlic yogurt
  • Afghan Naan Bread– Traditional flatbread served with most meals
  • Qabuli Pulao– Spiced pilaf mixed with carrot, dried fruit and nuts (traditionally served with lamb but can be made vegetarian)


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