Vegan Dolma with Mince & Bulgur Wheat from Azerbaijan

Vegan Dolma with Mince & Bulgur Wheat from Azerbaijan

These vegan dolma are made of grape-leaves stuffed with walnut-lentil mince, herbs and bulgur wheat. Azerbaijani dolma are unique in their small, bite-sized shaped, making these a lovely appetizer served with a yogurt dip. Overview of Azerbaijan I'll be honest- I...

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Azerbaijan country of eastern Transcaucasia. Bounded by the Caucasus mountains on one side and the Caspian Sea on the other, it is a country full of beautiful and diverse landscapes. Azerbaijan also offers an interesting mix of tradition and modernization. The capital city, Baku, is a perfect example of this mix. Here, you’ll find an architectural mix of East-meets-West. One minute, you can be staring at modern shiny modern skyscrapers and the next, at a medieval walled old town steeped in history.

Quick Facts about Azerbaijan

  • Capital City: Baku
  • Language: Azerbaijani
  • Currency: Azerbaijani manats (AZN)
  • Climate: Dry sub-tropical climate
  • Best Time to Visit: April to June and September to October
  • Fun fact: Fine horses and caviar are two of the countries big exports

city skyline under blue sky during daytime

Overview of Azerbaijani Cuisine

  • Culinary influences: Arabic, Turkish, Mediterranean
  • Common ingredients:  Rice, seasonal fruit and vegetables, herbs
  • National dish of Azerbaijan: Plov, which is a pilaf is characterized by saffron-flavoured rice cooked with aromatic herbs and varying meats or vegetables.


Popular Azerbaijani Foods

  • Dovga– This traditional Azeri dish is a yoghurt soup that is served warm or cold, with rice, chickpeas and herbs.
  • Qutab– A savoury pancake filled with either meat, cheese or spinach and eaten with a yoghurt sauce.
  • Dolma– Dolma in Azerbaijan most commonly are made of grape leaves or cabbage stuffed with fillings such as rice, herbs, and meat. However, vegetarian/vegan dolma are also very popular.
  • Pakhlava (Baklava)– This dessert may not be exclusive to Azerbaijan but it is very well-loved here. It is essentially layers of pastry stuffed with nuts or pistachios and coated with honey or syrup.
  • Azerbaijani Sherbet- The most widespread drink in the country, it is a sweet, cold drink made by boiling water and infusing it with sugar and various fruits.


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